Monday, June 2, 2014

Big Day Tomorrow!

someones getting cozy at fuji farms
getting ready for the apartment hunt tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Clean

Tina: Not sure if we've talked about it here before, but I've been getting more and more into diy home/beauty/cleaning products for some time now. It started gradually, primarily a way of saving money (it has saved us a lot) and then as I got more into it I started learning more about the actual ingredients in every day products and how they impact our bodies. CJ and I have been doing the 'no poo' method for almost a year now. Basically, this means we don't use shampoo and instead use baking soda mixed with water. For conditioner we use apple cider vinegar mixed with water. I love it. My hair is softer, grows faster, has less split ends, and the best best best part LESS OILY. When I used regular shampoo, I had oily hair by the end of the day! Now I can go almost 3 days without crazy oil buildup. Not to mention its unbelievably cheap. Here's some more info on it if you're interested:

my jam.
I know this DIY product thing is a trend right now in most circles. For me, I try what makes sense in my life and in my budget. I try to make products I find myself using the most...hence I love my homemade deodorant, but epically failed trying to make lotion (still recovering my pride from that one...yikes). My favorite thing about this journey so far is the research and learning - some of these chemicals and ingredients in every day items are CRAZY. I just think its fascinating! 

Hope this finds you well tonight...more on this topic to come!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

cookies cookies cookies

Tina: makin' some cookies from my favorite blog website :) 

hopefully nyla won't eat them all like last time...

here's the link for the epic chocolate chip cookies! thanks sally!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

On Manifesting and Prayer

That's right folks- WE'RE MOVING TO BALTIMORE!

As we prepare for a new journey in a new place we have been practicing manifesting. Manifesting is when you state out loud what your dreams are, when you actively envision what you would like to see happen. And not in a shallow way like, "I want money and success" but to really think about the scenario. We have been saying things like "We want a very affordable small apartment with a kitchen that allows dogs in an active neighborhood." We've been saying things like, "We want interesting work schedules that change from week to week and multiple part time jobs."

Manifesting is a lot like prayer. When I pray to get I sometimes simply state what I want to happen (when I'm not confessing or giving thanks.) These requests are meaningful, even though we don't barter with God or see God as somehow serving us upon request. Instead, we leave it in God's hands- but not without actively searching our souls and deciding what we want. This can be seen as part of the calling for a created being, to actively desire and create the world that ought to be.

Sometimes we can make our manifestations happen ourselves, sometimes they our paths seem guided. Sometimes our prayers and manifestations are answered in ways we didn't expect, and in the process see our request in a new way. Sometimes we expressly don't get what we wanted, and learn something from this as well. No matter what happens, it is always productive to actively make a choice about what you want.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Notice A Difference

Tina: Found some photos on my computer and thought I would share.



Notice a difference? 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Clarity

Achieving clarity, a feeling of clearness- that's what we want. We want to be released from internal conflict that creates psychic tension in us. We want to feel good, healthy. We want to feel optimistic and open to possibility.

Windham has provided a context that is conducive to clarity. Here we have the freedom to go towards clarity, which is our natural inclination.

We can make choices about what we put into our body, and about exercising our bodies. We are able to have long conversations about what we are going through. We are able to rest. These are all things that can help us find clarity.

We are excited to rejoin society, but the hubbub of everyday life poses a problem for our clarity. We will be influenced by other people, by sights and sounds, and by financial pressures. The goal is to learn strategies from this time in Windham, commitments that we can put in place- such as diet, or exercise- that will help us maintain a sense of clarity while we are in Baltimore.